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Captain Tutor Tuition Agency is a rapidly growing tuition agency, for home tutors who are looking for tuition assignments or tuition jobs in Singapore… Finding a steady number of students who need your tutoring services is made easy, be it whether you teach out of passion or to meet your earning objectives.
Messy forums are a thing of the past. Regardless of where you stay in Singapore – North, Northeast, West or East – you can fill in the home tutor registration form above. You will be matched with students that really desire to be tutored, providing you with a steady form of employment.
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Whether you’re new to tutoring or an experienced schoolteacher, we warmly welcome you to join our passionate team of tutors. It’s really easy to get started:

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Get to personally tutor and interact with a wide range of students, from primary to JC. Help these students achieve their full potential and make a difference in their academic pursuits. You get to change lives while getting paid!

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Our team of dedicated coordinators are trained to handle all forms of administrative problems, from coordinating to following up with students. Thus, our tutors can solely focus on teaching.

Pricing FAQs
If you are still doubtful, here are our answers to some commonly asked questions:
Make no mistake – there are many students who need home tutoring services from Singapore tutors. There are so many types of tutoring jobs in Singapore, ranging from different subjects like Maths, Chinese, Tamil, Malay or English tuition assignments to different levels such as Primary, Secondary or JC. Tutors are really in high demand to fill the variety of tutoring positions! This means that it is not that difficult to find students, even if you have no prior teaching experience.
If you have an interest in teaching, do step out of your comfort zone and try it out. After all, you only live once, so give it a try! For all you know, you may realise that giving home tuition, group tuition or online tuition could be your passion in life and develop into a long-term career!
How can I be a good part-time or full-time tutor?
It is a good sign that you are asking this question – it shows that you are a responsible and committed tutor. Whether you’re looking for part-time tuition jobs or tuition assignments as trained teachers, always remember that parents are only willing to fork out money because they want good quality home tutors who will give their best to acquire the best academic advantages for their children.
If you want to be an excellent private tutor, be prepared to invest extra effort in preparing for classes and providing customized teaching to your students. To be a good tutor, you should provide suitable help for students based on the subject and develop their desire to learn.
How can I apply for your tuition jobs in Singapore?
Apply today by filling in the tutor registration form at the top of this page. The Home Tutor Application is a quick form to help establish your profile, teaching credentials and tutoring preferences, which will assist us in pairing you with students. You may choose to specialize in a particular subject you are good at or provide general tutoring for multiple subjects.
Once you are a registered tutor at Captain Tutor, you can find many job opportunities with our Facebook Page that provides the latest tuition agency assignments. Details provided will include the level, address, subject/topic stated by the student, the student’s preferred day and timing, and offered tuition rates. Opportunities are available all over SG, in the east, west, north and northeast. To get updates on home tuition assignments directly on your Facebook feed, simply like our Facebook page.
I am an MOE Teacher, Should I Become a Home Tutor?
Our tutors from Ministry of Education often say that providing home tuition has rekindled their joy in teaching and is more rewarding than teaching in schools. One main reason is because students who engage in private tuition are often truly interested to learn the material you wish to teach to them. This is a drastic change as compared to restless students in a classroom, who do not wish to pay any attention.
In fact, qualified MOE teachers, who started tutoring part-time at our tuition agency, eventually find themselves making a transition into full-time tuition teaching. It can be a very smart career move, as tutoring full-time offers a great deal of flexibility and autonomy that a standard job cannot provide. MOE Tutors also command a good hourly rate, which can add up to become more than a government salary.
As an MOE-trained teacher, your experience and area of expertise can address the needs of many students. Start experiencing the joys of tutoring, by registering with us and finding a student or two. For all you know, you’ll love it!