Tutor FAQ
What if there are changes to lesson frequency or duration?

Adding of subjects or students (e.g siblings)

If the parent requests you to teach additional subjects or other siblings, you are required to inform the agency of any added lessons immediately. Commission shall apply to the extra subjects/lessons/students, and subject to a time limit of 6 months from the time of original tuition arrangement.

How much is the agency fee?

In general, the tuition fees for the first 2-weeks of active lessons (instead of the calendar month) is collected as agent commission.

Example: Client Tywin engages tutor A for once per week, at $50/lesson. The agency commission is equivalent to half of 4-lessons = 2 lessons ($100).

Please note that for short-term assignments or special cases, the commission may differ, and this will be clearly communicated to you or stated in the job information prior to your acceptance.

How is the agency fee paid?

As the agency fee is a portion of the lesson fees, you do not need to make any payments to Captain Tutor throughout your tuition assignments.

The commission shall be paid by the client (parent or student) directly to the agency and is due to be paid after completion of X number of lessons by the client, as clearly stated in the confirmation invoice. In general, this will be when the tuition fees are equivalent to the agency commission. After this point, you may collect the tuition fees for any subsequent lessons you conducted.

How I am paid for the tuition lessons?

Tutors will not be paid for the first 2 weeks of lessons as these fees are the commission fees charged by Captain Tutor agency on the tutors. The fees for the first 2 weeks of lessons (or 50% or half of the Total Monthly Fees) are will be made directly to Captain Tutor, instead to the tutors.

After the agency commission has been paid, you will receive payment directly from the client for subsequent lessons. Having paid the commission fees in full, you will receive the full tuition fees.

For example, after 2 lessons have been completed, client Tywin pays the tuition fees for the 1st and 2nd lesson directly to the agency. Client Tywin then arranges to pay the tutor for every subsequent 4 lessons.
Will I be paid in advance?
You will not be paid in advance. There are 2 conditions that have to be fulfilled before for payment can be received:
  • Agency commission has been collected
  • All requisite lessons have been conducted
How will I be paid if the lessons get terminated within the 1st month?

If you, the tutor, decides to drop out of the assignment (without a valid reason such as illness backed by evidence) before completing at least 4 weeks of lessons, you are not entitled to receive any of the tuition fees.

For termination ended due to valid reasons, the tuition fees will be divided equally between agency and tutor.

What if there are long-term changes to lesson frequency or duration?

If the duration or frequency of lessons is not uniform, Captain Tutor will determine the commission based on the long-term duration or frequency of lessons.
As a result, you are required to inform Captain Tutor of any long-term changes in the lesson structure. The commission may be adjusted accordingly based on the changes to lesson structure.

Tutors who fail to inform Captain Tutor in a timely manner may be blacklisted.

How is the agency fee calculated for short-term assignments?

Short-term assignments are defined by students who only require a fixed number of lessons until a certain exam date, which is usually less than 8 weeks of lessons.

※ Long-term assignments that are terminated due to various reasons are NOT considered as short-term assignments.

For short-term assignments (a.k.a crash courses), generally 25% of the TOTAL tuition fee will be collected. As the exact percentages may differ, tutors will be informed of these beforehand.

Captain Tutor is committed to protecting the welfare of our tutors. Therefore, only for short-term assignments, our commission shall not exceed 25% of the tutor’s total earnings.