Tutor FAQ
How should I conduct my lessons?
You are allowed to conduct your lessons in your own preferred ways, and in accordance to the student’s needs.
What if I need to purchase materials for the lessons?
The purchase of study materials such as revision books is up to your discretion.

You should first consult with the tutee before purchasing any study materials or requesting reimbursements for study materials.
There might be identical or similar study materials from other tuition centres or schools that can be reused for your lessons.
What is the minimum commitment?

You are expected to commit for a minimum of 4 weeks of tuition. If you back out of an assignment without a valid reason (e.g. illness) before completing at least 4 weeks of tuition, you will not be entitled to receive any tuition fees. In such a case, the tutee shall only be required to pay half (50%) of the tuition fees (plus any applicable taxes) directly to the agency.

For short-term assignments, you are expected to be committed for the length of period as agreed upon, which is usually until the student’s exam, and fulfill the minimum number of lessons as specified in your agreement.

Captain Tutor expects its tutors to uphold integrity and responsibility by being committed to see the students through their exams and avoid backing out without valid reasons. Tutors who show irresponsible or unethical behaviours may be blacklisted without warning. We will review such incidents on a case-by-case basis and take appropriate actions.

Can clients postpone / cancel lessons?

Yes, clients can postpone or cancel lessons, but they will be required to pay for all lessons conducted. Currently, we seek clients to notify the agency of any postponements or cancellations at least 24 hours prior to the lesson.

If you were not informed ahead of time for the affected lesson (e.g. < 2 hours), you may be able to claim up to 50% of the lesson fees as Tutor’s Compensation.
Can I postpone / cancel lessons?


For tuition that has been conducted for less than 4 weeks, tutors are expected to commit to the lesson schedule as per the assigned details. However, if postponements have to be made, we require you to inform us at least 24 hours in advance of the lesson via phone call at + 65 98286927 (Mon to Sun 9am-8pm).

After the initial 4 weeks, any changes and postponements to the lessons and schedules proposed by the tutors will only need to liaised with and agreed to by their clients.

Cancellations (Termination of lessons altogether)

For lessons conducted for less than 4 weeks

You as the tutor, are not allowed to back out of the tuition lesson unless there is a valid excuse, such as illness. Without a valid excuse, the tutor shall not be entitled to any tuition fees. Hence, the client shall only be required to pay half of the fees directly to the agency for the lessons conducted.

For lessons conducted for more than 4 weeks
Although highly discouraged, you are free to cancel the tuition lessons. Clients shall be required to pay for all lessons conducted and to pay directly to you, after paying the agency commission to the agency.