Tutor FAQ
How do I get tuition assignments?
Captain Tutor will send out jobs via SMS/WhatsApp to suitable tutors who have registered with us. You may apply directly through the link given to you if you have received an invitation from us.

Alternatively, you may visit our “Tuition Assignments” page where you can view all our current available assignments and apply from the online portal.
What should I do after applying for a tuition assignment?

After you have applied for an assignment, please allow us 72 hours to process, select and confirm your assignment. Not to worry, in the usual case of the parents’ consideration of tutors, you will receive a confirmation from us between 2-72 hours. In the meantime, please continue applying for other tuition jobs with different timeslots that suit your schedule and availability.

Should you need to modify your job application after your application, please drop an SMS to + 65 98286927.

Why am I not getting responses after applying for several tuition assignments?

There could be several reasons why you are not getting a response or successfully getting an assignment:

  1. Applying for assignments that are not available
    Due to an overwhelming number of responses from our tutors, please note that our typical window for applications is 2-48 hours, in order to ensure successful matching. Hence, please try to apply as soon as possible for latest assignments, especially those assignments that are sent directly to your phone.

  2. Incomplete/unsatisfactory applications
    When applying, please include all the required information. In an application, we will typically request for the job ID, your qualifications, relevant tutoring experience, rates, and your available timings. Tutors who reply in full are MUCH more likely to be successful. If you do not include all required information, it is highly likely that you will not receive a reply from us.

  3. Applying for unsuitable assignments
    A lot of assignments clearly indicate certain requirements such as Ex/Current MOE Tutors or female only. If you do not belong to the right category and you apply, you will not receive any reply.

  4. Low Quality Score
    Please read ‘Quality Score’ FAQ under ‘Registration’ Tab. If you have a low Quality Score, it will be very difficult to get tuition assignments. To solve this issue, please improve your Quality Score by ensuring profile completeness, staying active by logging in, applying for assignments, and maintaining a good track record.

  5. Late response
    Once the assignment is posted, you will have higher chances of being selected if you apply earlier. As the new assignments are always marked as “Urgent”, your success rate will be higher for these applications.
Why am I not receiving any assignments?

Our system prioritizes tutors according to their Quality Score. For the full details, please refer to the “Quality Score” page.

How do I contact Captain Tutor about job queries?
Please send us an SMS to + 65 98286927 for any questions you have about the posted jobs.