Tutor FAQ
How do I register as a tutor?
Please fill up our online form at https://tutor.choice-client2144.com/for/register.

The minimum requirements are :

  • 16 years of age or older
  • Completion of GCE ‘O’ Level Examinations or equivalent
I’m having trouble registering. Please help!

Look out for any fields or error messages in RED when you double-check every field on the registration form. In the event of inability to find the aforementioned red fields or error messages, please refer to the steps below:

  1. Take a screenshot of every page of the registration form
  2. WhatsApp to our technical team at + 65 98286927
Which tutor category do I belong to?

To simplify things, our tutors belong to one out of the three main tutor categories:

  • Part-Time Tutors – refers to private tutors who doing it part-time, such as diploma students/graduates, A-level graduates, and university undergraduates. This category also includes university graduates and working professionals. In short, if you have school or a job which makes up your main occupation, you will belong to this category.

  • Full-Time Tutors – refers to private tutors who do full-time tutoring (NOT part-time). For this category, tutoring has to be both your main source of income and main occupation. Full time tutors will accumulate more teaching experience than part-time tutors due to more group tuition assignments and 1-1 tuition jobs available to them.

    Note: However, if you have less than 4 years of experience as a tutor, please select part-time tutor instead. We will not accept full-time tutors who do not have sufficient experience or might be too young (for example, 24 years old). Your profile can be updated once more experience is accumulated.
  • Ex/Current School Teachers – refers to full-time school teachers, inclusive of current and past teachers from MOE or international and private schools.

    Note: For relief teachers, allied educator teachers, or adjunct teachers, please do NOT select this category. You may select Part-Time Tutor or Full-Time Tutor based on your current tutoring commitment and time availability.
Do I have to upload my photo and my certs?
Captain Tutor values the credibility, integrity, and quality of our tutors in our database. By uploading your certificates, you will be able to support and ascertain the information presented on your profile, thus this boost in credibility will lead to a significant increase the number of jobs you receive.

Due to Quality Score, the chances of getting tuition assignments confirmed with us will also increase.
What is Quality Score?

The Quality Score system grades tutors in our database on factors such as:

  • Completeness of Profile
  • Recent Job Acceptance
  • Track Record
  • Ratings given by parents

Tutors with high Quality Scores will receive a majority of our assignments and will find it easier and more efficient to fully book their slots. Also known as our Star Tutors, they will receive the best assignments and special offers.

Conversely, tutors with low Quality Scores will find it more difficult to get tuition assignments, and in the worst case scenario, may not receive any assignments at all.

Click here to find out more about Quality Score : https://captaintutor.sg/for/score

Can foreigners register as a tutor?

Please check with the relevant authorities such as Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) and Ministry of Manpower (MOM) on your permissions to carry out freelance work. As a result, we are unable to advice on this matter.

If the relevant authorities have granted you permission to do freelance work in Singapore, you are welcome to apply to be a tutor with us at https://tutor.choice-client2144.com/for/register.