Why do tutors charge different prices?

Each tutor’s qualifications and experience, as well as timing, location and student’s level allows a tutor to set his/her own tuition rates. Our experienced Coordinators ensure fair rates which are within market rates, as well as conduct negotiations whenever it is necessary to reduce lesson fees to fit your budget.

Please view the latest tuition rates "here".

Do I have to pay any commission fees?
Our services are free-of-charge for parents and students. As you are only required to pay for lessons conducted, a portion of the total lesson fees in the first four weeks of lessons will be deducted directly from the tutor’s fees as a one-off payment of agency commission to Captain Tutor, which includes the 7% GST.
For a class of $50 per week, the agency commission will be $100 with an additional $7 as GST.

The tutor’s fees, however, are not subjected to GST, for payment of the 3rd lesson onwards. Please transfer the allocated agency commission which is usually half of the first month’s fees, plus GST directly to us and pay the rest to the tutor. Not to worry, the full payment details and instructions will be conveyed to you upon lesson confirmation.
How do I pay for lessons?

The usual agency commission is 2 weeks of active lessons, which is made directly to Captain Tutor when the lesson fees exceed or equal the amount of agency commission. Once agency commission has been made, please pay the tutor for subsequent lessons as per your agreement with the tutor. As our services are completely free for you, you are facilitating the collection of the tutor’s agency commission, and will not incur any hidden or additional fees.

Captain Tutor accepts various modes of payments, including cheque, cash, online transfer and credit/debit card, and the full payment details will be communicated to you during your request.

If you hire a tutor for $60 per lesson held once a week, you will pay agency commission of $120 (or 2 lessons) to Captain Tutor after 2 completed lessons, and pay the tutor directly for the 3rd lesson onwards at the agreed upon frequency and payment method (eg. bank transfer payment every 4 lessons)

Is advance payment needed?
As all payments are made only after the requisite number of lessons has been conducted, advance payments of any kind are not required.
Are there any binding contracts?
Your obligations and contracts arise only after successful agreements to engage our tutors. Once the assignment is confirmed, please follow our guidelines to ensure a rewarding experience for both student and tutor.